Better Patient Care, Better Dentistry & Better Quality of life for everyone through Digital Information Management

Dental Clinic Management System (DCMS) is a dental clinic management system that unifies and simplifies access to all of the technologies in your practice with a streamlined, intuitive interface.

  • Inventory Management
  • Patient Account Management
  • Patient Billing
  • Patient Records Management
  • Treatment Planning

User Management: Change Password, User Registration. User Type Manage, Manage Registration Info, Login Details

Database Management: Backup, Restore

Staff: Create / Add Staff, Manage Staff

Patient: Create / Add Patient, Manage Patient

Procedure: Payment ID , Payment Date, Patient ID, Patient Name, Staff Name, Designation, Procedure Type, Description, Tooth Involved, Amount, Charges, Grand Total, Total Payment, Due Payment, Create & Manage all Info

Invoice: Create Invoice, Manage Invoice

Reports: All Invoices Report, Procedure Report, Staff Record, Date Wise Invoice Report, Date Wise, Procedure Report, Patient Info Record, User Login Details Report

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