At your hotel, our property’s front desk system handles all of your operational tasks. The Hotelier’s property management system, managing the day-to-day operations of your small property is a breeze.

Feature Calendar One place to keep an eye on everything. In a few clicks, you can add a reservation, close rooms and create new reservations. It’s as simple.

Quickly update your room rates and availability with our easy to use inventory grid. Our bulk upload feature makes it easy for you .

Multiple Rate Available

Multiple rate support for travel agent contract. It’s easy for marketing management and reception.

Agent Support

The easiest system to understand is the Online Travel Agency (OTA). These channels are where you have listed your property for sale

Multiple Property Support

Manage, increase revenue and efficiency of your multiple hotels & group of hotel properties efficiently with Hotelogix cloud based multi property

Daily Check-in and Check-out Table

Every room after reservation will be generating check-in / check-out by daily report.

The Hotelier’s Property Management System

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